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Back pain, knee pain, and bad posture are all problems that can be improved with the use of medical insoles. Here, at Manama Medical, our specialists ensure that the insoles designed are a perfect fit for our customers by conducting both static and dynamic tests, video acquisition, as well as our 3-D high definition podoscan that is made specifically with diabetics in mind to make our assessment as easy and accurate as possible.
Our customized medical insoles are uniquely designed to provide comfort and stability to patients in their day-to-day activities. They not only provide support, but also help reduce pain and prevent future complications with back and knee problems. The highly secured plantar support are perfect for cases related to vascular or neurological problems (arthritis, diabetes, polyarthritis, rheumatism). They also help patients with diseases related to elective mechanical metatarsalgia, problems like Calcaneo-valgus/-varus, Supinating or pronating front foot (Supination is a triplanar motion involving the foot moving down and towards the center of the body and Pronation is triplanar motion of the subtler joint involving the foot moving up and away from the center of the body), Tibial Venous Pains, Chronic instability of the ankles, Inner or outer gonalgia, to name a few.
The custom insoles are made of very high quality EVA Blocks with different densities give our specialists a chance to design insoles based on the patients BMI and to fit in casual, dress and sports shoes for both men and women to allow our customers the freedom to practice all kinds of sports and everyday activities.
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