Adult Tourniquet
VACUETTE® Tourniquet  Latex-free Non-sterile
5.400 BD
AG Lipothrombo Thigh Stockings
One of the many things which LIPOELASTIC have been engaged in for a long time is prevention of complications after...
4.500 BD
Air Ankle Stirrup Brace
Indications: Mild to moderate ankle sprain Chronic ankle instability Prophylactic and therapeutic use in sport activities Functions: Rigid contoured outer...
11.600 BD
The NETWORK ENT™ Silicone Airway Splints are ideal for providing septal support post procedure, and feature an integral airway tube...
140.000 BD
Albumin Bromocresol Green
Atlas Albumin Bromocresol green (BCG) is intended for the determination of Albumin concentration in human serum or plasma. 4x125ml
17.500 BD
Aluminium Commode Wheelchair FS609LU
Foldable Aluminium Chair Frame U Shaped Commode Seat Fixed Armrest and Footrest Solid Castor Pneumatic Rear Wheel Dimensions: 94X29X92 Can...
90.000 BD
Aluminium Screw Cap
For round bottom borosilicate glass tubes, choose polypropylene caps (black colour). This model incorporates a polypropylene gasket. All incorporate an internal...
73.500 BD
Aluminium Wheelchair FS250LCPQ
Aluminium Chair Frame Flip-up and Height Adjustable Inclined Armrest Detachable Elevating Footrest PU Castors Quick Release PU Rear Wheel Anti-tippers...
140.000 BD
Amies Transport Swab
AMIES media is a modification of Cary Blair media, which is at the same time a modification of Stuart media....
16.500 BD
Amikacin 30 Ug
AK ( 5 Cartridge x 50 Discs with Cartridge Applicator per Box) 5x50 Discs
10.500 BD
Amoxicillin (10 Ug)
Antibiotic Discs Kits AX ( 5 Cartridge x 50 Discs with Cartridge Applicator per Box) 5x50 Discs
7.500 BD


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