Lightweight Wheelchair FS976ABJ
Chromed Steel Frame Fixed Armrest Detachable Footrest Drop Back Handle with United Brake Solid Wheel Dimensions: 74X26X78 Can carry up...
43.000 BD
Elbow Crutch FS937L
Height: 96-119cm Dimensions: 100X30X30
5.300 BD
Pedal Exerciser FS960
Dimensions: 54X41X34
15.800 BD
Walker with Front Wheels...
Dimensions: 62X18X84
21.000 BD
Elbow Crutches FS933L
Height: 92-122cm Dimensions: 92X29X31
5.300 BD
Shower Chair FS791S
Dimensions: 70X56X41.5 Can carry up to 80kg
28.500 BD
Aluminium Commode Wheelchair FS609LU
Foldable Aluminium Chair Frame U Shaped Commode Seat Fixed Armrest and Footrest Solid Castor Pneumatic Rear Wheel Dimensions: 94X29X92 Can...
90.000 BD
Chrome Wheelchair FS972
Chromed Steel Frame Fixed Armrest Detachable Footrest Solid Casor Solid Rear Wheel Dimension: 80X24X89 Can carry up to 100kg
50.000 BD
Walking Stick with 4...
Height: 74-97cm Dimensions: 78X29X43
8.400 BD
Walking Stick with Chair...
Height: 84cm Dimensions: 85X26X40
10.500 BD
Heavyweight Steel Commode Chair...
Dimensions: 60X34X52 Can carry up to 100kg
23.000 BD


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