Bastos Viegas
Plaster of Paris Bandage...
Indicated for any type and size of immobilization where the fast setting is important. Excellent modeling. Leno cotton gauze, without fluorescence,...
6.000 BD
Steam Penetration Test (BOWIE...
Pre-assembled steam penetration test pack intended to identify poor steam penetration. Complying with ISO 11140-1. Class 2. Individual wraping + carton...
2.000 BD
Orthopaedic Padding
For orthopaedic cushioning. Easy to cut and tear.  High conformability.  Thick and dense for maximum comfort.  Rolls individually wrapped in...
2.000 BD
Sterile Suture Removal Set
Contents  490-020 Wrapping field 40x40 cm 1 Tray 15x7.5x1.7 cm 1 Gauze swabs 4x5 cm 4 Gauze balls, D 3...
50.000 BD
Skin Stapler Remover Set
Contents Componentes 490-019 Wrapping field 50x50 cm Campo envolvente 50x50 cm 1 Tray 18x9.5x2.5 cm Tabuleiro 18x9.5x2.5 cm 1 Non-woven...
60.000 BD
Indicator Adhesive Tape
In rolls with indicator for steam. Steam control tape complies with ISO 11140-1. Class 1.
2.500 BD
Non-Woven Adhesive Tape
The 4por is an adhesive with non-woven porous support. It has high permeability to the air. The adhesive mass is hipoalergenic, allowing...
4.250 BD
Eye Pads
100% cotton. Gauze covering, according to EN 14079.  Post-operative eye care. For the treatment of discharging or dry wounds. Excellent...
6.500 BD
Ribbon Gauze
100% cotton. For packing. Approx. weight: 33g/sq.m. 22 threads/ according to European Pharmacopea and EN 14079. X-Ray: approx. 60% barium sulphat...
2.100 BD


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