Lab Kits, Reagents, and Equipment
0.5-10ul Tip
Natural colour universal crystal tip, bevelled. Eppendorf® type. Suitable (not exclusive): Eppendorf®, Gilson®, Biohit®, Brand®, Dsg®, Elkay®, Finnpipette®, Jencons®, Nichiryo®,...
4.900 BD
1.5ml Micro Test Tube...
In polypropylene, conical shape. Flat cap with writing area and pierce-able. Temperature of use: -80 °C / +121 °C.
8.550 BD
10ml Conical Test Tube...
Polystyrene test tubes, graduated, with rim. Ø 16 x 100 mm.
6.200 BD
10ml Cyl Test Tube...
Graduated, with rim. Ø 16 x 100 mm.
10.000 BD
12 ml Sterile Test...
Made of autoclavable (121 ºC) transparent polypropylene or polystyrene. Sterile Polypropylene Individually Wrapped Green cap made of high density polyethylene....
20.000 BD
15 ml Conical Tube
Tubes made of transparent, copolymer polypropylene. Dimensions: 17 x 118 mm Green caps made of polyethylene with an internal liner which...
8.700 BD
2 – 200 ul...
Natural colour universal tip, bevelled. Gilson type®. Suitable (not exclusive): Gilson® P20 P100 P200, Eppendorf®, Biohit®, Dsg®, Elkay®, Finnpipette®, Genex®,...
3.800 BD
5ml Flat Bottom Cylindrical...
Polystyrene test tubes, graduated, with rim. Ø 16 x 60 mm.
18.500 BD
5ml Test Tube 1000\BOX...
Non graduated, without rim. Vol. 5 ml.
10.500 BD
5ml Test Tube With...
Polystyrene test tubes, graduated, with rim. Ø 12 x 86 mm.
8.400 BD
Anti-A, Anti-B and Anti-AB reagents (here under referred to as ABO reagents) are used for qualitative in-vitro determination of human blood groups...
12.000 BD
ABS Tray
They withstand temperatures from –40 ºC to 85 ºC. Dimensions: 408 x 300 x 20 mm
5.500 BD


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