Petri Dish
In polystyrene with high optical clarity
27.750 BD
Cylindrical Jars 50ml with...
Polypropylene jars in white colour, with hermetic closure and tear seal. Ideal for purposes for which is not allowed the...
0.290 BD
Bottle Storage A-11041
In high density polyethylene Ideal for liquids or powders Provided by inner cap for a perfect leak proof Equipped by...
6.300 BD
Magnetic Stirring Bar 3mm...
Cylindrical magnetic stirring bars, round shape, smooth surface with Teflon® (PTFE) coating. Fitted by high magnetic force and long life....
1.800 BD
Ayre Spatula 1000/PKT A-5601
Pap - test spatula, fit for the drawing in precocious diagnosis of uterus cancer.
11.600 BD
Cotton Swab With Wooden...
Cotton swabs with wooden stick. Length 150 mm.
0.020 BD
Urine Conatiner 25ml W/L...
Specimen containers with screw cap. Vol. 25 ml - Ø 25 x 90 mm. Material: polystyrene.
0.070 BD
Urine Container 120ml N.S...
Urine containers with screw cap and writing surface. Vol. 120 ml - Ø 58 x 72 mm. Material: polypropylene.
34.850 BD
Specimen Container A-14185, A-14190
In transparent polypropylene, with leakproof pressure lid, ideal for biological samples transport and storage. Autoclavable. Available with BIOHAZARD symbol label.
2.000 BD


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