Surgical Sundries and Disposables
2-Way Foley Balloon Catheter
Made of Silicone elastomer bonded with latex rubber, which can be retained in body for longer duration Symmetrical Foley balloon...
0.350 BD
800ml Urine Collection Bag
Provides freedom of mobility as the bag is attached to the leg of the patient Available with leg straps Capacity...
0.350 BD
Abdominal Drainage Set
Soft abdominal drainage catheter with collection bag of 2000 ml. capacity Catheter with atraumatic & rounded open distal end &...
1.300 BD
Adult Cuff with 1...
Cuffs grey/black:- Nylon- TPU bladder- Velcro fastening- 1 tube (for Ranger, Sirio, London, Boston, Roma 1T, Tokyo, Ri-san, Precisa, Minimus)-...
5.250 BD
Adult Nebulizer Mask
Specially designed nebulizer chamber with nebulization rate of approximately 3cc in 10 minutes Average particle size generation is approximately 2...
0.750 BD
Adult Oxygen Mask
Suitable for oxygen therapy Swivel connector for patient comfort Elongated facemask for long term use Clear and soft mask for...
0.530 BD
Biopsy Punches
Stainless steel sharp cutting edge, ribbed handle for sure grip. Size embossed on each punch for easy identification. Suggested for...
1.600 BD
Compression Banadage
 Cotton, polyester and polyurethane. The compression power of this bandage can be easily adjusted due to their stretch properties. Good...
2.350 BD
Cotton Covered Foam Band
For comfortable immobilization. Polyurethane foam coated with 100% cotton fabric.
8.850 BD
Elastic Adhesive Bandage
Cotton. For support and relief of contusions, distortions and dislocations. 2 types of bandage available: with adhesive on the interior...
2.800 BD


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