Quadripod Stick FS922
Height: 74-97cm Dimensions: 78X29X43
10.500 BD
Chrome Quad Walking Stick...
Height: 70-88cm Dimensions: 78X29X36
8.000 BD
Adjustable Walking Stick FS920L...
Height: 71-94cm Dimensions: 65X15X26
5.300 BD
Chrome Walker FS919L
Dimensions: 53X17X81
19.000 BD
Reciprocal Walker FS915L
Dimensions: 53X17X81
19.000 BD
Heavyweight Walker FS913L
Dimensions: 53X17X81
20.000 BD
Walker with Wheels FS912L...
Dimensions: 58X18X82
21.000 BD
Steel Walker with Wheels...
Single Front Wheels Double Back Wheels Dimensions: 56X18X70
28.000 BD
Walker with Front Wheels...
Dimensions: 62X18X84
21.000 BD
Walker with Wheels FS9122L...
Dimensions: 66X18X65
25.000 BD
Walking Stick with Chair...
Height: 84cm Dimensions: 85X26X40
10.500 BD


Panel Tool
Float header
Float topbar
Default Boxed Large


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