Visko Semi-Cylinder Pillow V-654
The pillows are produced in two group: “Visko” and “polyurethane”. Orthopedic neck pillows are produced only from “Visco” material. Other...
8.400 BD
Waist Corset V-112
To keep the waist, abdomen, and kidneys warm For spasms of muscles For pains due to rheumatism and sciatica
15.000 BD
Waist Support V-889
Used as a protector for the muscles on the belly and waist.
8.930 BD
Walker with Front Wheels...
Dimensions: 62X18X84
21.000 BD
Walker with Wheels FS9122L
Dimensions: 66X18X65
25.000 BD
Walker with Wheels FS912L
Dimensions: 58X18X82
21.000 BD
Walker without Wheels FS9131L
Dimensions: 53X17X81
19.000 BD
Walking Stick with 4...
Height: 74-97cm Dimensions: 78X29X43
8.400 BD
Walking Stick with Chair...
Height: 84cm Dimensions: 85X26X40
10.500 BD
Wash Bottle
Transluscent low density polyethylene bottles, with screw cap and delivery tube available in 3 different colours (blue, yellow and red)...
1.100 BD
Wash Bottle with HDPE...
Made a combination of high and low density polyethylene. Transluscent bottle, with HDPE cap (blue), delivery tube and seal cap...
1.500 BD


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