Wrist Support V-882
Provides comfortable compression and supports for weak or stressed wrists.
2.900 BD
XYLENE 98.0-99.0%
Xylene is a clear, colorless, sweet-smelling liquid that is very flammable and is often used as a laboratory solvent.
17.000 BD
Yankaur Suction Set with...
Suitable for pre-operative removal of secretion and body fluids Cut to fit funnel connector to suit different suction pump lines...
0.900 BD
Yankur Handle
Yankur Handle is open end with 4 lateral eyes to withstand negative pressure and ensures continuous and easy suction of...
0.500 BD
ZN Decolouriser
Stains for Histology & Microbiology Ready Prepared 250ml/Bottle
14.500 BD
ZN Pack Standard
Stain Packs for Histology & Microbiology 3x250ml
28.500 BD


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